Residential Real Estate Post & Accessories

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Postman.Inc is a family owned and operated company, serving the Tampa Bay area for over 21yrs.

All Our Products are Rentals Only. Prices Below Are A One Time Fee

Real Estate Post Installation & Removal

Standard Real Estate Post Installation Including Removal:
All our post are pressure treated 4 X 4 beveled lumber, built by us.
We paint all our post frequently to insure you are receiving the highest quality looking post.
Our post are White and Yellow for higher visibility. (Other colors available upon request)
**Note: Please contact us if you are in need of a specialized color.$20.00

Information Boxes & Flyer Boxes:

All our information and flyer boxes are weather proof and are made from plastic.
Information boxes are a Great source to help you to showcase and inform interested buyers,
even when there is no one around. Or ones who may not have the time that day for an appointment
or are just in the looking stages of buying a home or property.$6.50

Real Estate Riders:

We offer a wide variety of Rider signs, rider signs are another great way to let passers by
know more information about your home or property.
For instance if your property is Waterfront or Lakefront, or maybe you have a Pool.
Rider signs lets people know there is something special just by driving by.$4.50

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